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travel britain
travel britain
travel britain
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Regional Centres

The best places to use as a base to explore Britain.

Ferry to Europe

Taking a ferry is a great way to fit Europe into a visit to Britain.


Popular destinations for visitors to the UK.

By Rail or By Car?

The average Australian tends to drive everywhere because in Australia that is the most logical and economical way to get around. But when it comes to travelling around Britain, it's a whole new ball game. The dynamics are quite different there; though places are much closer together, the roads are much narrower and busier than they are in Australia, and rail travel is a very realistic and viable alternative that can't be ignored. A big plus in favour of travelling by road is that car hire is much cheaper than in Australia. But this is very quickly offset by other costs. There's the high cost of fuel, the narrow, winding roads that are not easy to navigate and take you all around the countryside rather directly from point A to point B. And then there is having to pay parking fees wherever you go.

Britain by Narrowboat

The canals and rivers of England were originally built to transport industrial goods to and from towns and cities by boat. Today, the UK waterways are at the heart of inland boating holidays and weave through some of the most picturesque areas in the UK.

Scenic Journeys of Britain

A generation ago, Britain's railways were almost consigned to history when, in a cost cutting exercise, the British Government foolishly closed thousands of stations and lines across the country. But some gems survived, and are among the more scenic journeys across Britain.

In Search of Australia's Founding Fathers

Modern Australia was founded as a British colony in 1788. Those who were involved came to Australia as part of a tour of duty, hence none remained here but returned to Britain to continue their normal lives there. We travel Britain in search of where they were laid to rest.

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